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Our Services: Typesetting & Page Formatting

Our sizable workforce is organized into teams dedicated to specific clients. This means that the team members are familiar with the clients’ styles of working as well as design. We continuously invest in technology and human resource to improve our services.

Investment in Technology

Our advanced technological investments include:

Xyvision is powerful and versatile auto-pagination system that renders and transforms markup files to high quality PDF files. Xyvision is a professional application that enables rapid batch processing to meet the demands of short turnaround times.

Automated Script Development
With the rapidly increasing demand for publishers to use markup languages in print production, Best-set continues to develop application tools to automate the markup process for highest efficiency.

E-proofing System
The electronic proofing system connects typesetter, publishers, and authors in a single system, where all parties can keep track of the project. Our e-proofing system sends automated emails to notify all parties to download their proof through a link. Advantages of this system includes:

  • Increased speed of author proof delivery
  • Keeps track of articles and whether authors have responded to their proofs
  • Reminder emails are sent automatically, if an author does not respond
  • Automatic batch emails are sent to production/journal editors
  • Minimize problems and delays caused by undelivered e-mails

Web-based Tracking System
Our proprietary eSteps, is an online tracking system where all our customers can keep track of their project 24-7. From an external login, publishers can view the up-to-date status of any job.


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icon Copy Editing
icon Monochrome, Full Color Printing and Binding
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